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Smart and simple tips to lighten dark lips in cold winter

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Smart and simple tips to lighten dark lips in cold winter

Pink lips is the title of feminine of any women, if you want to retrieve your natural pink color lips after time and environmental factors leaving  its darker marks on it, here are some advice and tips to lighten dark lips and moistened in cold and dry winter to regain its brilliance again.

lighten dark lips
lighten dark lips

lighten dark lips 

Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins and a lot of water because it provides moisturizing the lips.
Honey and glycerin are the best moisturizing elements so you can put a thick layer of the mixture at night to protect the skin from drying out.
You can also prepare cactus paste and place it on the lips throughout the night , it’s vital to impart on the lips.
Cucumber rubbing on the lips gives you a quick sense of comfort of the cracked skin.
Putting Green lemon juice on the lips helps in preserving the natural color and smoothness and brightness of the lip.

For red lips quickly crash red roses and put its juice on your lips. Red roses give the natural color of the lips.
Use a lip balm that contains honey wax which protects and moisturizes lips .
Cocoa butter is an anti-oxidant, and thus enjoy and protect the lips, and get Vitamin C is also essential to get rid of pigmentation of the lips.
Drink plenty of water because this helps to maintain hydration lips.
Mix the lemon juice and glycerin, honey and apply the mix on your lips before going to sleep. 
Massage your lips with milk yogurt each morning.

lighten dark lips

Rub a piece of papaya on your lips to reduce pigmentation.
Dip a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar and put them on the lips twice a day.
Apply castor oil on the lips before going to sleep.
Cut down on your consumption of caffeine, especially tea and coffee.
Massage lips with olive oil and peanut oil is excellent to ease the pigmentation.

lighten dark lips

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