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10 Simple Secrets to get long hair

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10 Simple Secrets to get long hair
All the women want the healthy hair to get the stylish look that the silky or wavy hair can give you, Some women tend to long her hair, so, Here’s the best advice and the most tips that can be adopted for a long and distinguished hair, through follow these steps:

long hair
long hair

long hair

1. Be patient and face your desire to cut your hair completely. This is a great opportunity to discover best hair length suited to you.
2. Try new hairstyles to your hair. Leafing through celebrity magazines, to see the beautiful hairstyles, and a fascinating diversity.
3-Buy some hair accessories, such as hair ties and clips, pins and hair sticks. use them to hold the hair in the desired areas, or apply your hair on a bun or ponytail.
5-If your hair is thick, ask of your hair stylist to use scissors to mitigate it , easier for you to control your hair.

long hair

6-long hair requires more care and styling of its time. Make sure to rinse all the shampoo and use conditioner correctly.
7. There is no magic pill for hair extension, but a multi-vitamin tablets and eating healthy foods as well as getting enough sleep, which benefits both your hair and your skin.
8. Avoid using brushes on wet hair, just use a wide tooth comb only, to avoid blowing the hair and pounding its parties.
9. If you can no longer wait, to go by the salon, and resort to hair extensions. Remember that this is not a permanent solution, and may damage your hair over time. Better to buy hairpins that contain extensions links.
10-Take a picture of yourself each month during lengthen your hair, it helps you in making a decision on a later date, regarding the best length suited to you.

long hair

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