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Easy steps and Simple tricks to enlarge lips

Easy steps and Simple tricks to enlarge lips, Getting a large , bigger and attractive lips is the ambition of every woman seeking to highlight her beauty and get a charming view, so “24 for health” will provide you by beautician tips on these simple tricks to enlarge and bigger lips.

enlarge lips
enlarge lips

enlarge lips

Massage your lips is one of the most important exercise because it helps to stimulate blood circulation lips and improve the texture of its muscles as well, which helps large lips, massage cubes of ice, helps to massage the muscles of the lips and makes it look redder and more complete, just put ice cubes in a clean cloth and put them on your lips for 10 minutes

Make sure to hydrate the lips as it is an important step to maintain the appearance as dry lips look small in size, so make sure to use always lotions and balm lips, and put olive oil on your lips because it contains vitamin E, which works to moisturize the lips and makes them soft and flexible, and Honey is considered also a refreshment, put honey on your lips for 20 minutes a day and this will make the lips suck the water in honey and show a larger size, and milk cream , by placing it on the lips works on its nutrition and hydration and is an effective way to get rid of dry and rough lips.

enlarge lips

Using Concealer on your lips in order to hide any cracks or stains may be on your lips.

In the next step choose the lip liner pen to identify lips close to the color of lipstick that you will be asked applied color.

Next step of passing the powder on your lips, this step also will maintain the stability of lipstick for a longer period.

Choose the color of the lipstick color that commensurate with the color of your skin that do not seem repulsive and do not forget the last step of application gloss to add gloss to your lips and gloss also contributes to highlighting the lips larger size.

enlarge lips

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