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Simple Helpful tips to treat white heads effectively

Simple Helpful tips to treat White heads effectively
White heads are formed due to the accumulation of oils and sebum and dead skin that clog the pores, but You should never try to remove white heads alone in the house. you should know that they are different from pimples and blackheads.

White heads
White heads

White heads

If you press or the one of white heads, would cause damage to your skin, appears as a red permanent scar. The best way to prevent the formation of white heads is to follow a strict skin care regimen. Here are some of the different steps you need to follow:

Cleanse your face twice a day, at least using appropriate for the type of skin care products. Use a face cleanser containing salicylic acid (Salicelik) or hydroxy acid thousand. These ingredients help to remove clogged pores.

Peel the skin on a regular basis at the rate of two to three times a week. Put the peeled product on your face with circular motions, it work nice with a focus on problem areas such as the forehead, nose and cheeks.

Try to find a gentle exfoliator , that allows you to clean and maintain the health of the skin and thus contribute to open clogged pores. Should never forget a moist moisturizing cream or even if your skin is oily or mixed. apply a steam bath for your face for a few minutes once a week. This treatment helps to clean the skin deeply.

   Steam is very important to get rid of dirt that may be mixed with the skin. Steam expands clogged pores and softens the skin and thus allows you to clean impurities and make-up effects, dust and oily secretions and dead skin cells. You can also use the product to dissolve blackheads, which helps you keep the pores without black heads and without impurities.

White heads 

 It removes all the dirt mixed with sebum, bacteria and excess oil by opening clogged pores for a clean and smooth skin. You must use this tool directly after the steam bath for the face. If you have only a small number of white heads, do not do something. Leave it as it is because the white heads sometimes disappear on their own within a few days.

White heads 

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