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5 Important Steps for body care in winter days

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5 Important Steps for body care in winter days

Skin is very sensitive and require special attention in the winter to keep the moisture and protection from drying and cracking, because of the cold and lack of appetite to drink liquids, so it is necessary to compensate this shortfall by taking care of skin and moisturizing and give them extra attention. “24 for health” provide you with the essential steps that will lend you a bright and supple skin as long as possible.

body care
body care

body care

Here are five easy and simple  steps to help get perfect and smooth skin as the French-style, and the most important thing that characterize them is the moisturizing and fragrant perfume, which will fill woman from morning to evening, and these are the ways:

1 – Stop eating junk food: quick food lead to weight gain and have layers of «cellulite» under your skin accelerates the aging of your body, you can replace them by fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. removing your dead skin: remove your dead skin, clean the skin of the make-up every night helps keep the skin to remain in good health and lasting youth.

3. moisturize the skin: either through bathing, or swimming, or applying creams, will contribute to moisturize the skin and makes the skin so young as long as possible.

body care

4. perfuming the body: pure perfume wafting from the body when you took care of it, this done by scattering spray of your favorite fragrance after a shower because the pores are open and retain the perfume inside it.

5 – Masks of sugar and steam: exposure to steam helps to exfoliate your skin and cleaned deeply , this is done by exposure to steam for 15 minutes ,  then apply brown sugar body scrub for two minutes, then rinse with warm water to keep the skin supple and young.

body care

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