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9 diurnal makeup steps for simple and attractive college views

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9 diurnal makeup steps for simple and attractive college views



If you’re a beginner and you do not have the expertise to put make-up, We are going today to provide you with a series of tips from la sirene collection of experts to  the best diurnal makeup that suited to the college views full of freshness and vitality.

1. skin preparation for makeup
This step is the most important steps to ensure that makeup beautifying bright views . Summed up in the washing skin well and moisten gently before placing make-up with a move away from materials that contain oils to reduce gloss.

2. Moisture Cream
To avoid dry skin and the sun’s harmful rays, you should use sunscreens or the SPF to protect your skin completely.

3. Concealer
Steps is the first make-up, it is advisable to use in a light manner consistent with the color of the skin; to give it freshness and a natural look without exaggeration.

4. Foundation
It must be chosen carefully, preferably «water proof»; to resist the sweat resulting from the movement and humidity during the summer, with the importance of distributed it so well; to give a full and consistent coverage.

diurnal makeup 

5. powder
For normal skin color, there must be harmony between the degree of color powder and base cream ; so as not to show any difference between the face and the rest of the skin color.

6. Eyebrows
Never advised to underline eyebrows using dark-colored , especially among college students, this gives the exaggerated appearance , as the girl get  older age than her real age. To this must be directed students to pick a  color a little lighter color of the hair ; in order to get a distinctive and bright views.

7. Eyes
Choose light colors for the Eye Shadow gives you a beautiful look , attractive, and the glow . To highlight the beauty of the eyes should be lighting bones eyebrows PAL Eye Shadow by light color ; the more vital with the use of anti-mascara water «waterproof», so as to get the best result and for as long as possible.

8. Blush
From the basics of make-up, a simple touch of it adds to the vitality and freshness of the face, so you should put it the right way and in small amounts to give a natural attractive look .

9. Lips
Red lip color must be chosen carefully , commensurate with the place that you are going to: the university, and avoid strong colors such as red and go to the attractive colors of more vibrant as pink , or according to the wearing of clothing without exaggeration.

diurnal makeup steps

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