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Latest styles of African hair braids 2016

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Latest styles of African hair braids 2016


African hair braids

African hair braids

Braids hair (Rasta) or as they are called them as African hair braids , due to its celebrity in South Africa and African countries whose populations suffer from curly hair, it is consist of ordinary braids which are very high and  numerous of braids , starting from the first hair to the end, and this hairstyle remains fixed for months, and that it could be washed  with shampoo in the normal way, and for this reason , mothers  are feeling very comfortable and accept making it a lot for themselves and also for their daughters in school, that it is  because it’s suitable for all ages so that the stars appeared with this African style sometimes.


Despite that it has a traditional way in its making , but there are some little different forms by using  and adding addendum wig to the original hair to seem longer, and can be done from the front only and fasten  by small hair bun and leave the rest of the hair , or in just part on the side of hair and collecting the rest of hair ,  or leave it as flowing ponytail, and of the most important advantages that they also fit any type of hair even the soft hair , and you can make this by using great locks of curls.

African hair braids 2016



African hair braids method:
First, you divide the hair into locks as you want from the beginning of the hair, and dividing the division of each strand into three and make a normal hair braid , it is a very easy way, just it may take time, but it may remains to months, and can be easily dislodged.
There is also a machine available in the market to help in the making of the African braids by: dividing hair into tufts as desired, then divide each tuft to 3 small tufts  then run the machine is to make the braids on just few seconds.



African hair braids styles

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