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7 kinds of food to get long and healthy Hair

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7 kinds of food to get long and healthy Hair

The health of your hair starts from the inside ; food system is necessary for its health oas it’s rich in vitamins , make your hair healthy and strong from the inside, and therefore your hair shiny and appears healthy  from the outside.
If you want to feed your hair well and increase its health and brilliance,  you’d  first need attention of eating foods that contain the necessary vitamins , the best for your hair. Here are some of these vitamins:

healthy Hair
healthy Hair

healthy Hair

1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in the fight against sun damage, it also helps to produce collagen and maintain the blood vessels that help you get healthy hair; Vitamin C in yellow citrus , papaya, kale, strawberries and pepper.

2. Vitamin E: is the strength of anti-oxidation, making it a strong shield to protect the roots of the scalp. Vitamin E in spinach, nuts and seeds, sunflower oil.

healthy Hair

3. Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps to resist the signs of skin aging; it speeds up cell turnover, allowing to get rid of dead skin cells, vitamin A is found in pumpkin, sweet potatoes and nuts.

4. omega-3: omega-3 represents about 30% of the hair which is part of the cells that nourish the scalp, as it promotes blood circulation to the scalp so it is necessary for the health of your hair; and omega-3 in salmon, walnuts and beef.

5. Iron: is the primary key for strong hair and without bombing, Iron is sufficient oxygen, which allows access to the scalp and hair follicles; Iron is found in beans, shellfish, sesame seeds, lentils and spinach.

6. Biotin: Biotin is inadequate lead to cracking and hair loss levels, as biotin that adds strength to the hair and makes it grow faster; there is biotin in salmon, peanuts, eggs and Swiss chard, broccoli, avocados and berries.

7. Zinc: If you feel your skin is dry scalp it means that zinc levels that you have is few, So try to take it in abundance , As zinc found in shellfish, chicken, beans and nuts.

healthy Hair

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