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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

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the normal thinking, when are you need to wash your hair? Surely, When you feel that your hair is unclean, wash it simply!

Other conditions of hair washing include that what you need to wash, and how long you can bear without washing your hair. It depends on your hair scalp, texture, and style.

Shampooing Your Hair

Washing your hair

When you decide in washing your hair, you mean shampooing it, Ok? Yeah,  using shampoo in cleaning your hair has فخ mean washing it.

It is the most common method of cleaning hair, it eliminates dust, sweat, dirt, and excess oil from the hair.

Shampoos contain ingredients that help in removing dust, debris, and oil from the hair. While this shampoo makes your hair clean, it can also damage it if used in excess, Due to shampoos contain sulfates and harmful chemicals. Also, they may remove the natural oils from the air and make it itchy and dry.

you need to have oil in your hair to protect it from damaging, if you notice that shampoo making your hair dry and damage it, you should reduce the number of times that you wash your hair.

How to Shampoo Your Hair


  1.  1-   Scalp Type
  2.  2-   Styling
  3.  3-   Exercise Patterns
    4-   Hair Texture
  4. 1- Scalp TypeIf your hair scalp is too oily and produces oil so much that it needs to be washed every day, while for normal-oily hair, it need not be washed every day, and once in 2-3 days only, depending on the hair’s condition.
  5. 2-Styling

If you are treating your hair with creams and styling products, you need to wash your hair more. The product that builds up in your hair causes it to become curly and dry and needs cleaning.

     3- Exercise Patterns

  1. Do you practice every day? Like crazy in the Gym or practice yoga?
    The sweat becomes an obligate factor on that how you need to wash your hair.

Sweat spreads in the hair leads to ugly odor, and your hair becomes dirty. It is best for you if you take a quick hair wash after the practicing.

4-Hair Texture

your hair texture and type, have a role in washing your hair. If you have curly and thick hair, you need not wash your hair as the same as those who have straight,  thin, and flat hair, due to an oily scalp is more visible and appear for those with thin hair. Wash your thin hair day after day to keep it clean.

Hair Texture

If you have a normal hair of moderate thickness, wait until your hair feels oily and unclean to wash it.

Is it better to oil my hair before shampooing?

Yes, if you can, you should warm some almond and coconut oil and massage it into your hair scalp. It is soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing, and makes your hair becomes healthier and stronger.

Are the natural cleansers better than market bought shampoos to wash hair?

It depends on your choice. While natural cleansers are free of chemical and pure, they can cause allergic reactions on the hair scalp. On the other hand, shampoos are easy to use but contain some chemicals that can damage the hair.



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