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Home made remedy will grow your hair quickly

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Home made remedy will grow your hair quickly

grow your hair
grow your hair

grow your hair

Every girl dream of the pretty hair that give her the stylish and distinctive view that she like, she may resort to home made remedies or recopies to help her on her hair growth so quickly and healthy and also so smooth on the same time, one of the popular home remedies that can help you on your hair growth is the coconut oil, It is known for coconut oil has the ability to penetrate into the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth and moistened deeply. Coconut oil is used to compensate for the missing protein from the hair, which can cause several problems. Therefore, the application of coconut oil is important for the reform and renewal of damaged hair. Coconut oil helps also in promoting hair growth, and add luster. Moist your hair with coconut oil before bathing to strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair break

grow your hair quickly

Coconut oil and avocado 

A mixture of coconut oil and  avocado is a wonderful treatment for several reasons. It lends luster to your hair if it was dry, and accelerates the growth of hair and cures dandruff, and saves your hair from the harmful sun to as for your skin.

Recipe: Heat the coconut oil gently for 10 seconds (on the gas, and not in the microwave), then rub it with a single spoon your hair from the roots to the parties. And through it, mash avocado, by hand or using a  Food Processor; until you end up on a smooth paste. Massage your hair Parties by Avocado and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and shampoo as usual. It may be difficult to wash the avocado, mash the fruit so soft,  to make it easy to wash on your hair mask.  Try this treatment once a week, to get the maximum results.

grow your hair remedy

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