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hair fall

know about the reasons of hair fall

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know about the reasons of hair fall, hair fall is a common problem that almost every woman complain about . woman always seek for a solution for that problem. in fact we have to know the reason that lead to that problem first to start with the treatment

hair fall
hair fall

Know about the reasons of hair fall

Anemia: is a reason of hair fall, anemia is a result of decrease of the mount of iron intake by  female body, also may be a result of the small amounts of folic acid and in some cases the heavy menstruation. All that reasons might cause anemia which lead to the hair fall problem

Protein deficiency: when woman don’t eat food with enough protein that will cause hair loss. Keratin is the main component of the hair protein. The lake of that protein in woman body makes the hair fall problem

After delivery: a lot of women lose hair after pregnancy because the decreasing of the estrogen hormone in female body which leads to hair loss at once. But after that time woman gets her hair grows again. Decreasing of estrogen can also happen because of menopause which can cause hair fall as well

Hormonal pills: can cause hair loss like birth control pills and chemotherapy definitely a reason for hair loss. Thyroid, diabetes and immune disease cause hair loss

hair fall
hair fall

Wrong diet: diets that aren’t at doctors’ observation can cause extreme weight loss, because those diet ban you from certain groups of food which forbid your body from some important nutritious. That would be a reason of hair fall

wrong habits of hair styling: wrong tools that you use to style your hair such as bad combs, tight ponytail and hair parting can cause hair damage. Dying you hair and excess using of hair curling iron are the main reasons of it

You now know the reasons of hair loss, you have to take care of your hair and avoid as possible as you can the previous causes.

Know about the reasons of hair fall

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