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Top 4 technologies for the hair nutrition and protect it

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Top 4 technologies for the hair nutrition and protect it

hair nutrition
hair nutrition

hair nutrition

Would you like to get  silky and soft hair, without the use of electric hair dryer “blow dry”, which would be submitted your hair to embrittlement ? Do you want to change the color of your hair to keep pace with fashion trends of popular hair colors for this year, but you suffer the problem of the use of the dye to harm the hair? You can achieve goals with the latest and the most important tips for Hair Care for this year that “24 for health” provide you:

1. “Platinum Gel ” to protect hair
If you are a fan of platinum blond color, you can dye your hair of this color without damaging it, as newly produced effectively and safely lotion , is characterized by its composition of natural substances that keep the hair and protect it. It is a substance-free “ammonia” that hurt the hair . Add the “Oxidan” to it on a very few percent.

2. Opti – straight for dyed hair
If you are a women with curly hair and want silky hair away from the use of the electric dryer “blow dry”, you can achieve it by using  Opti – straight product to soften and smooth hair. It is intended for natural hair is not dyed. It also nourishes the hair and give it great luster.

hair nutrition tecnology

3. “Brazilian Blowout” for dyed hair
The belief, that the use of the dye frequently, loses hair its vitality and even brilliance, which requires cared continuously . With “Brazilian Blowout” You can get a fine and healthy hair. It is dedicated to the dyed hair, specifically the platinum blond color. It is characterized by its rapid and effective results, and maintains the vitality and freshness of hair. The results last for 6 months.

4. “Brazilian oil” to install the dye color 
Some women suffer from the problem of graying quickly, which forces them to do tow their hair at least twice a month, putting the hair of the damage and loss of luster. To get rid of this problem, the company producing of  the “Brazilian Blowout” cream , has produced innovative lotion , and is one of the most important preparations to fix the color of the dye; it helps to stabilize the color of the dye on the hair for a period ranging between 6 and 7 weeks Unlike regular dye. It is a dedicated oil with shampoo for hair coloring is added to the dye.

hair nutrition steps

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