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Easy Christmas makeup steps to get the bright look on the New Year’s Eve

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Easy Christmas makeup steps to get the bright look on the New Year’s Eve
With the end of each year,  every girl and woman are preparing to appear new and exquisite in the New Year’s celebrations, and looking for radiant and distinctive, so today , on our lovely site ” 24 for health” to  provides you with the most important and the best make-up tips that you can use them to get distinctive and bright look, that you shed through which the light on your beauty in a different way.

Christmas makeup
Christmas makeup

Christmas makeup

 Skin cleaning , just clean your skin and put moisturizer cream,  so your skin will be soft and ready to put makeup on hidden defects, lack of care to the application of this step, your skin will  become a curse and your cosmetics will show defects.

To get the bright look , apply the concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles and leave for two minutes ,  in order to adore your eyes complexion, start with the application by using a light pen inside the eye to revive it. After the completion of the application of eye makeup by drawing concealer and apply eyelashes and on brilliant metallic shadows , never forget the most appropriate trick to highlight the eyes and splendor, which is the application of shadows on light pearl when internal tearful eye.

Christmas makeup

 Attractive lips by using water lipstick , with a mixture of sugar, honey , you can peel your lips and then to apply the Concealer to erase the fundamental limits of the mouth so you can draw of new liners and thus enlarge by using the pen. after the adoption of your chosen color on the full lips. We advise you to choose dark and trendy water composition with eye makeup of bright colors. For attractive lips, apply a little of the golden middle Highlighter , when you get a neat shadows technology and a charming manner, and it will be appropriate for Nightlife and elegant evening dresses with dark colors.

* Sparkling views, nothing but the Highlighter to show your face glamour makeup, so choose a Daisy glamorous composition and adopt the greatness of your brow and nose with a vertical line, and after a applying  little at the corners of your eyes and of the Interior cheeks . It is the most important element of the most beautiful makeup and you get a perfect makeup for this unique night.

Christmas makeup

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