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 Important beauty Tips of brown Skin Care

 Important beauty Tips of brown Skin Care

brown Skin Care
brown Skin Care

brown Skin Care

If you’re a brown-skinned women, you are  really  lucky woman , as it’s really an attractive skin color, but do not forget to take care of it very well, given attention  to the black skin is something very important to maintain its glory. Here are simple steps and tips of brown skin care without  any effort and trouble:

Brown Skin Care by continuous humidification, because dark skin is more prone to drought, and after the drought skin color tends to gray without resorting to the black skin right care. So make sure to moisturize your skin (hands, face and body) after each bath.
Dark skin is more prone to the appearance of pimples and the acne , so do not tamper with blisters on your face because that will appear on your skin more than any other skin.

Choose a base cream color fits for the color of your skin, the best place to test the base cream color is not the soles of your hand,  it is your forehead or above the jaw line. Be careful to choose the right color of the foundation cream to your skin, as If you choose unsuitable color , your skin color will appear gray.
Use the right color shades for your eyelid as green , purple, copper and gold suit a lot with dark skin.

brown Skin Care tips

Choose the color for lips suitable for your skin as colors as beige and  coffee or chocolate are the perfect colors, the color of peach and golden-thymus also of suitable colors, Stay away from light-colored or strong shiny colors.
Use a liquid foundation cream, be a way from the powder foundation , it is more appropriate for your skin and makes it more shine.
Stay away from the sun’s rays for skin care black, being your skin brown. doesn’t mean not to use sunscreen, as your skin like any skin affected by UV rays, so choose a sun protect suitable for your skin type.

brown Skin Care routine

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