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Magic recipe to fight blackheads effectively

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Magic recipe to fight blackheads effectively



Are you tired of watching those blackheads that distort the beauty of your face? There is no doubt in this. So, do not hesitate and discover this recipe that can be prepared at home easily and in a short time, which contains the basic composition to turmeric. And what after application? You’ll get free of the annoying impurities and pure and bright skin .
Useful recipe
We suggest you could try this magic recipe for anti blackheads. If, hurry to bring ingredients  and begin work:

– Mix one teaspoon of turmeric with two medium tablespoons with flour, then add a teaspoon of almond and a quarter cup of liquid milk oil so that you get a cohesive dough.
– Before applying this mask, I recommend that you can expose  your face to steam because this allows the expansion of the pores of your skin.
– When the mixture becomes consistent, put it on your clean face for 30 to 45 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.
– You can apply this mask every four days, at a rate of twice a week.

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Many benefits
Turmeric: is the most common aesthetic component in India for centuries ago, why? Because it provides  the skin of many benefits, particularly if they are oily. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-impurities, as it contributes to the reduction of oil secretion of the skin and in the purification and thus fight blackheads. As it works to hide the effects of old pimples and enhances the elasticity of the skin and restore its vitality.
Flour: sensitive friend for your skin prone to acne . why? It contains starch, which is an effective anti-fungal and moderating helps dry the pimples.

Milk: do you know this, is the soft component has the characteristics of a nice mix and moisturizes especially if form a part of the turmeric mask.
Almond Oil: The component also moisturizer for your skin, as its anti-inflammatory and healing is perfect in relation to the treatment of impurities. And do not forget it is rich in vitamin E, which contributes to enhance the resilience of your skin.

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