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5 Smart body language tricks to be loved

Happy business people discussing in the hallway.


5 Smart body language tricks to be loved body language tricks May not realizing it, but you can draw any attention and captured without even utter the word. How? By relying on the body language that have a significant impact on your relationship with others that play a fateful role in leaving a …

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 Important beauty Tips of brown Skin Care


 Important beauty Tips of brown Skin Care brown Skin Care If you’re a brown-skinned women, you are  really  lucky woman , as it’s really an attractive skin color, but do not forget to take care of it very well, given attention  to the black skin is something very important to maintain its glory. Here …

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5 Top belly fat burning foods without exercise


5 Top belly fat burning  foods without exercise fat burning We all know how it’s really  difficult to get rid of the accumulated fat at the waist area or belly area. It is the most stubborn area and its burning requires a major effort and do certain and strenuous exercises. But what if …

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6 Tips for distinctive views of college styles


6 Tips for distinctive views of college styles college styles Going to a college is a challenging period to any girl, that she left the childhood life to enroll on the adults life, so she take good care f her styles on the college, she is no more a child, she need a distinctive style that should be simple and unique on the …

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Fabulous collection of winter evening dresses 2015-2016


Fabulous collection of winter evening dresses 2015 winter evening dresses Summer evenings have its own special flavor and vibrant refreshment. The winter evenings have a very special character, that are characterized by sophistication and luxury. For this, the global houses of the fashion offer the most beautiful evening designs for …

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3 non-normal signs of the menstrual cycle


3 non-normal signs of the menstrual cycle  menstrual cycle Every girl should take good care of her health and body, not just care about her eight , but her body also need some care, one of the important issues that every girl care about is her menstrual cycle, about the amount …

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Attractive Interior decoration ideas 2016


Attractive Interior decoration ideas 2016 Interior decoration ideas There are a lots of common mistakes abound in our interior decoration , what makes us lack elegance on the space, and tainted flaws , which , of course, we don’t like to have. We are going today on our smart blog “24 for health” to …

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Important Tips to maintain your ideal weight after the wedding

Measuring woman's waist

Important Tips to maintain your ideal weight after the wedding ideal weight after the wedding You must have made a great effort to get the ideal weight on the day of your wedding, and now has passed the day that you are waiting.  Recent studies have confirmed what most of …

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Cozy benefits of papaya for your skin


Cozy benefits of papaya for your skin papaya  Do you know what are the benefits of papaya on your skin?  This fruit that is available throughout the year, are a rich source of the nutrients and anti-oxidants, making it a favorite destination for women who want to enjoy with the skin glowing. …

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Fabulous collection of winter snake leather accessories 2015


Fabulous collection of winter snake leather accessories 2015 winter snake leather accessories Leather accessories are considered of the most widespread on this season fall- winter 2015- 2016, and the most in demand among women around the world, the greater excellency and the rareness of the leather , it increase its price, The …

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