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The latest and most stylish models of women evening handbag 2016

 The latest and most stylish models of women evening handbag 2016



Every woman and every girl seeks to always  and ever look elegant , whether on the attention of the  dressed and forms of her clothes or makeup or her jewelry and accessories or belongings, the most important is , of course, the handbag, which plays a major role in determining the degree of elegance and luxury of the women. If you wanna see the latest models of Handbags through this article , follow these stylish pictures.

And we should know that choosing the right handbag selection  based upon certain criteria when it is not any bag  that you like it, will be appropriate for you, as it should be compatible with the color of your clothes and with your body shape.

Here’s , my dear lady, the most important tips to follow when buying a handbag:

1. If you are taller ,long and your body slim , must choose the wide handbag, which will be wideness be larger than its length and don’t choose those of long-arm, because it will make you look longer than the normal height and must also avoid bags that have specific angles

evening handbag

2. If you’re skinny with short shape, Here you must avoid  for large handbags because it would not be appropriate to the nature of your body at all and also Avoid bags with the short arm.

3. If you are the body of plus size , the large bag with specific angles will be good for you, and be away from the small-sized bags because they make you look larger and plus weight.

Thus, my dear girl,  we have presented  you the latest models and forms of handbags for 2016 We hope that you like these models  and know through the tips that we are viewing on hand bag to suit your look and shape of your body and must learn that the handbag must be commensurate with the event.

Women handbag

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