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Eggplant is the best for lose weight

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Eggplant is the best for lose weight 

lose weight
lose weight

lose  weight 

There are many fruits and vegetables that may help you to lose weight, especially in the abdominal area, but the eggplant has really unique characteristics. as its  beautiful dark purple color and distinctive flavor is very poor in calories, but it has many health benefits.

Useful to know that you should eat only cooked eggplant, because it is toxic to the body if you eat the raw eggplant(as this may cause you severe colic). Eggplant acquires its color from the anthocyanins that contains  on it and which has a magic effect on our health. The eggplant also provides  our bodies in antioxidants and minerals (such as potassium) and vitamins. As for calories, 100 g of the eggplant contain 20 calories, and even so it provides us with a feeling of fullness significantly, so it is wonderful when trying to lose weight.

The eggplant contains a large amount of water. And it helps to improve blood circulation and provides the body with fiber to purify the body and helps to lower blood sugar levels and high cholesterol level. Eggplant is an excellent diuretic of urine and helps to get rid of water retention. Eggplant also improves the production of bile and protects us against anemia, which is highly beneficial for the skin. When used on the skin m it can calm the pain which caused by sunburn.


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It is worth noting that eggplant characteristics do not change, whether steamed or cooked in the oven or grilled or even baked. On the other hand we do not have to eat with bread or frying  or eaten eggplant with fatty sauces. We hope you like our smart and simple ideas and tips about the eggplant to use it on your diet to lose weight on a healthy and natural way.

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