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Top tips for woman fitness after 40+

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Top tips for woman fitness after 40+

woman fitness
woman fitness

woman fitness

With age, some of the changes appears on the body; as the burning process  began to slow which causes difficulty in weight loss and absorption of nutrients naturally.
“24 for health” get out of the nutrition specialists 11 advises on the females above the age of forty to maintain their health and remains their fitness:
1. Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel the desire to do so, in order to feel full and avoid getting drought. Note that thirst diminished your age.
2. Take care to go out with your friends for exercise, more than going to the restaurant for meals.
3. Organize your meals, whether homemade or ready-prepared, and be careful to the quality and quantity of food that you intake.
4. just do enough yourself with eating quantity that is allowed to you, by knowing the proportion of your body and periods of burning your practice of the sport.
5. Increase the amount of vegetables that you are eating , for being have a few calories and provide your body with vitamins and minerals that it needs.
6. Don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables. Note that with aging may suffer from problems in the mouth and teeth, so eat mashed vegetables as zucchini for example, and replace apples by bananas 

woman fitness after 40

7. Add the spices to your meals, to enjoy the delicious taste without the need to add salt, in order to avoid getting the high pressure.
8. Sterilize foods and store it securely prevented from poisoning; because it advances with age you become more likely to pick up bacteria.
9. Always read the nutritional information on products as the calorie, fat and sodium ratio to get the correct choice.
10. Eat supplements that are lacking in your body, after a review of the doctor or nutritionists.
11. Eat “Calcium” that is available in milk and milk products; not to get osteoporosis.

woman fitness tips

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