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10 reasons prevent you from losing weight

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10 reasons prevent you from losing weight

losing weight
losing weight

 losing weight

Despite the severe diet you follow to implement your weight loss plan and trying to abide by hard but you do not notice any improvement in weight loss. Therefore we mention in this article is the 10 cause  may be responsible not to achieve any progress.

1. A lot of healthy eating:

Nuts, avocados, pasta, olive oil and dark chocolate are all healthy foods but it is not without calories in the sense that you must deal with them a limited amount For example, avocados also contain precipitant health benefits and be the fruit contains 200 calories

2. Not having breakfast:

You might think that not eating breakfast will save you some calories but the fact that people who eat breakfast lose weight more so you can be sure of breakfast in the morning eating does not neglect its contents, but must be integrated food meal that containing protein and carbohydrates and lots of fiber

3. Not controlling your food:

When we talk about a balanced diet in order to lose weight, it must be implemented by controlling the amount of food eaten is key to their success. You must use a spoon and cup as tools to measure the quantities and should return your body to control the full stomach signal

4. eating while standing:

Eat while standing or in front of the refrigerator will not save a lot of time or energy, but will make you lose control of your stomach as you would eat a lot of what you want to eat snacks and this will lead to weight gain

5. Lack of sleep:

May think that increasing the working time reduce the time to sleep, but if you are planning to lose some weight you should give your body enough time to sleep as it will give you the ability to withstand the diet and exercise properly

losing weight food

6. Over-plus in eating diet food :

Diet foods are usually a few calories as sugar and chemicals are reduced as much as possible in making a difficult task to taste and some resort to eating large amounts of them to feel more full but this is what leads to the inability to lose weight

7. neglecting  eating vegetables:

Eat from 5 to 7 types of fruit and vegetables every day is an important thing for every human being especially for those who want to lose weight , as vegetables and fruits contain very little calories, as it gives you a quick sense of satiety because they contain a lot of fiber, which reduces the food ratio that you eat

8. Not doing exercise:

Exercise of the most important elements that lead to the success of a diet to lose weight, it does not strengthen the muscles but also improves the digestion process which gives the best performance of the digestive system to get rid of fat and deal with it and help your body to burn fat, of course,

9. exercising on an empty stomach:

If you are engaged in aerobic exercise without eating should be adjusted for this, there are a lot of studies that show that what is burned in the muscle is calories, not fat Whenever been burning more calories in the muscles whenever it is formed and the more lost more weight. Eat before exercise gives you energy and helps you to keep the muscles stronger, but for this you should know the rules also

10. Not drinking  an adequate amount of water:
Water does not moisten the body only, but studies have confirmed that it helps you to lose weight as well. Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps you speed your sense of satiety and there are some studies that have shown that cold water improves metabolism and should not be dealt with sugary juice drinks or soda

losing weight reasons

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