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Top 5 winter food you really need to

Top 5 winter food you really need to

winter food

winter food

During the winter, our bodies are exposed to the flu and many diseases because of the climate and weather changes. as we are attack by proliferating viruses from the air and the work environment, we now stress on the importance of hygiene, which works to boost the immune system. But this alone is never enough. Immune system depends on a combination of rich healthy foods with vitamins and minerals , should be eaten all year round, and eating a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables, in addition to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, and exercise, and  also get enough sleep to ensure the comfort of your body. In what follows, we are going to know more about top 5 winter foods which are essential in the fight against diseases and strengthen your immune system:

1. Fish

The fish and crustaceans, such as oysters and lobster and crab are rich in zinc and selenium, which helps white blood cells to produce specific proteins that work on cleaning up some viruses from your body. Fish is also rich in fatty omega-3 acids, which works to reduce the inflammation, increasing airflow and protecting lungs from colds and respiratory infections.

2. Citrus

The fruits of orange, grapefruit and lemon are rich in vitamin C, which is believed to be working to increase the production of white blood cells, anti-inflammations key. The human body does not produce or store vitamin C, and therefore eating a daily dose of this vitamin is very important.

winter food list

3. Garlic

A key component  that enter in most kitchens around the world dishes, it boost the immune system and it is characterized by the large concentration of garlic compounds containing sulfur.

4. broccoli

This type of vegetables is rich in vitamins (A, C, E) also contains a variety of antioxidants that help your body to fight infection and inflammation. Cooking broccoli should be as little as possible so as to maintain the beneficial nutrients in it.

5. Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes and many other vegetables, such as melons, pumpkins and squash are rich in carotenoids, which the body converts to vitamin A, which contains antioxidants, can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, and is linked to the fight against the aging process and aging.

Top winter food

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