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7 natural home remedies to get healthy and shiny teeth

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7 natural home remedies to get healthy and shiny teeth
We should take care of our Dental Health, especially in the holiday period , where there are frequent occasions and invitations, that is not enough to rely only on toothpastes. Therefore, the prevention remain the best option for the oral health.
The following is a collection of natural recipes for teeth whitening, and maintain their brightness:

healthy and shiny teeth
healthy and shiny teeth

healthy and shiny teeth

Banana peels: banana peels can be used to get pearly white teeth, by rubbing these peels for two minutes twice a day.
Red Strawberry : red strawberry is an important source of materials that help with teeth whitening. For best results, mash 2 of strawberries, put on your teeth for a period ranging between 2-3 minutes, before dental rinse thoroughly with water.

Carrot: Fresh Carrots is considered very useful for tooth enamel, as it natural sterile for teeth, which removes bacteria. For best results, it is best to eat it after cleaning without cutting or juicing , to get rid of the bacteria and the remains food in the mouth.

healthy and shiny teeth

Smoking Quit: If you want to get a white, healthy teeth , you must to quit smoking, as the cigarette smoke responsible for as much yellowing teeth.
Use straw for drinks: Avoid exposing your teeth to cold or hot drinks directly, as you should use plastic straw, it helps to maintain health and whiteness of teeth.

Use baking soda: Baking soda is one of the best natural whitening teeth, plus they help to clean them, which were used for this purpose for centuries, even before the invention of toothpastes. Preferably by brushing your teeth with a paste of soda and water, once to twice a week.
Chewing sugar-free gum: Chewing gum helps to prevent plaque on the teeth, and increases the production of saliva, which is a natural antiseptic for the mouth,  you should chew gum, preferably not contain any sweeteners or sugars, in addition to not chew for a long time.

healthy and shiny teeth

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