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Treat your high blood pressure with theses list of food and liquids,

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Treat your high blood pressure with theses list of food and liquids,

High blood pressure is one of the modern days diseases, that allot of people suffer from it, men and woman , little and old as well, so today ” 24 for health” gather you a list of some foods and liquids that will alleviate the disease of high blood should add them to your diet, eat them regularly to relief that pain of high pressure.

 high blood pressure
high blood pressure

high blood pressure

Foods and liquids that help you to lower high blood pressure:

The vegetables: spinach help in the treatment of high blood pressure because it is fitted with a range of fiber and natural elements that will work to lower blood pressure also include spinach group of elements including folic acid and magnesium .

Vitamins: Perhaps the most famous vitamins that have proven effective in reducing high blood pressure is Vitamin D , This vitamin helps in the reduction of humans suffer from the cardiovascular disease.

Dairy products : doctors disclosed the importance of skimmed milk in reducing the incidence of high blood as by between 3% and up to 10%.

high blood pressure

Fruits: Emerged here the importance of bananas which works to lower blood pressure because it contains the element of potassium.

Legumes: Studies  pointed to a group of popular legumes that would reduce and treat high blood pressure such as beans , peas and beans,  This group contains fiber value elements as well as containing potassium and magnesium in addition to the soybean that contains  also potassium and magnesium.

Boiled potatoes: it is working to adjust the blood pressure levels as containing elemental magnesium and potassium.

Sunflower seeds: These are considered to be of very high advantages rates because they contain magnesium which in turn is enough effective in lowering blood pressure.

Dark chocolate: latest studies have shown that it’s useful in lowering blood pressure.

high blood pressure

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