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llectin and its effect on fats
lectin and fat relation

Are lectin making you fat and sick?

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Lectins are a group of proteins that bind to carbohydrates. They are not bound with leptins, which are the peptide.

Lectins play an important role in all kinds of biological systems, from the human body to plants, animals, bacteria and even viruses.
Lectins in Food

Lectins are anti-nutrients like phytic acid which interfere with the absorption of vitamins, minerals,  and other nutrients. They can also cause indigestion and be bloating.

Some foods contain lectin moderately, such as potatoes, seeds, and nuts. Peanuts contain high lectins, including peanut oil.

Are lectin making you fat and sick?
yes, it could make you fat, and it could make you sick.

Let’s show one of the most aggressive lectins, wheat germ agglutinin ( WGA):

WGA is good at being the lectin. It can do many jobs, that it protect wheat from yeasts, insects, bacteria, viruses, and even people. But, if something is good at being a lectin, that means it is a bad thing for your body.
Insulin and Sugar in Your Bloodstream

Insulin and Sugar
Insulin and Sugar in Your Bloodstream



Normally, when sugar goes out from your gut and enter the bloodstream, the pancreas secrets the insulin into the bloodstream, then the insulin is traveled to 3 different places as shown below :

  • Fat cells
  • Muscle cells
  • Nerve cells

The important role of the insulin is to easy way to the sugar to enter your cells to make and give energy.

But, How works in the body?

Fat Cells :

The insulin attaches to the membrane of the fat cells and sends a message that instructs the cell to transform the sugar into fats by Beta cells and store it. while the insulin has ended its mission, it goes out from the cell, and the cell is closed.

Muscle Cells :

Here, the insulin has a role in using the sugar as fuel.

Nerve Cells :

The same thing happens here, but the information that the nerve cells need and require to get glucose is a new and good discovery. Also, the insulin resistance occurs in the brain and the nerve too.

the insulin sends the message to your fat, muscles, and nerve cells, and then it gives a sign to the hormone, that the message has been received. At this point, the insulin goes out the cells, in order to leave it open for the following hormone to attach.

But when the lectin snob the insulin, it may happen bad things. The WGA or other lectins may bind to the cells, while they are in this place, the lectins may either give the cells the wrong information or block the release of the correct information from the hormone completely.


Plant Lectins and Digestion

Plant lectins survive the digestion. Why is this bad? Because they penetrate the cells that lining the digestive tract and causing a loss of the gut epithelial cells, and damages the membranes of the epithelium lining the digestive tract, alters the composition of intestinal flora.

Every type of food nearly, that including some fruits and vegetables contain the lectins. The going to lectin free is a very difficult mission.

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