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Adam levine and ADHD
Adam has been diagnosed with ADHD

Adult ADHD patients want you to know these things

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Michael phelps
Michael Phelps the Olympic champion

When someone pictures ADHD patient in their head, the first thing that comes to their mind is a hyper kid running around a playground. Although attention deficit hyperactivity disorder usually starts in early years of childhood. Only 4% of adults have this condition and many of them don’t realize that. You would be surprised of how many celebrities have this condition, Names like Adam Levine the lead singer of Maroon 5, Michael Phelps and Justin Timberlake comes to our minds.
ADHD patient is considered to have a brain disorder, and it can be early diagnosed in children by monitoring symptoms like hyperactivity, impulsive behavior that withheld proper functioning and observed decrease of attentiveness, till now it is not clear what causes ADHD, however recent researches includes that it might be linked to genetics, specific environmental elements (like lead exposure), or both of them together.
ADHD case can be improved by adulthood, but not all the time.
Recent researches have shown that ADHD symptoms (such as hyperactivity and impulsivity) usually do decline after passing the adolescent years. However an estimated half of people diagnosed with ADHD bring that symptom when they grow up, and for others it gets worse with age.
Medications are not the only way to treat ADHD patient.
In the case of ADHD, the part of the brain responsible for attention does not function at its maximum efficiency all the time, hence why meds are prescribed in order to stimulate the brain to be able to hyper-focus and do more concentration.
However for some people, It’s possible for ADHD patient to without the need to take meds, it is by following a very successful strategy by setting early or false deadline and wait for the last minute to finish projects, this little bit of stress that happens actually helps the brain hyper-focus.
ADHD is simply inconsistence of focus and not the inability to focus.
To put it into simple words, it is like having 50 pages open on a browser and you keep jumping among all of them all the time,
People with ADHD can in fact focus very well on topics that they find interesting and stimulating, only when the brain is bored, it begin to wander and get lost easily.
People diagnosed with ADHD are not stupid or lazy
Actually if we do the math, people diagnosed with ADHD have IQs as high as people who don’t have the condition, there are many studies that support this theory and it is statistically proven. And they are not lazy as most people claim; in fact the hyper activity itself is the ultimate proof for this.
ADHC can make the person feel isolated as an adult
ADHD can be challenging condition when it comes to interacting with other people, you have to remind yourself to look into their eyes and give them enough time to finish what they have to say before the brain starts engaging in the next task. This sometimes can make the person feel alienated because at a certain point people will start asking, are you following me? Hence the feeling of isolation.
Showing empathy and understanding from others is very supportive
It is often that people suffering from ADHD needs emotional support from people around them, whenever they are forgetful or impulsive. They need someone to tap on their shoulders and say “Hey, it is okay! We can go through this together” support is the key towards any fruitful relationship. And of course people suffering from ADHD needs it.


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