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Home remedies to treat colon digestive quickly

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Home remedies to treat colon digestive quickly



Colon digestive is one of the modern diseases that human suffers from now day, that comes from either special kinds of food and hot spices, or the stress that the human face everyday on his life, so we search for you about the simple and easy and natural as well remedies to help you to reduce the colon pain and to get rid of this issue.

1 – Chamomile treatment of colon digestive at home
There are many reasons that lead to the pains in the colon tract, some of which only needs to drink some of the drinks that help him to get rid of the cause cramping and to maintain your health, including drinking a hot cup of chamomile, which is an anti-inflammatory, and relaxes the colon and digestive system.

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2 – Hot lemon juice for colon digestive treatment at home
drinking a cup of lemon juice with hot water increases the acidity in the digestive system leads to enhance the production of the hydrochloric in basic digestion process helps to get rid of the pain.

3 – Mint treatment of colon digestive at home
Mint is known within all the nations in its ability to relax the stomach and colon digestive muscles as it helps to digest the food which is very convenient for what is known indigestion. And it can be drink with hot or cold water.

4 – fennel seeds colon digestive treatment at home
Fennel seeds contain Anatolian which helps digestion process so eat some seeds to help your colon digestive to relax and relieve inflammation and relaxes the muscles.

5 – rice water treatment  for colon digestive at home
Rice water mix is ​​that you get after cooking the rice in water and is ideal for the pain of the colon because it relieves inflammation by creating a soothing barrier membrane of the colon digestive.

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