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good sleep
good sleep

nice tips to have healthy good sleep at night

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nice tips to have healthy good sleep at night,Sleep good is the most important thing to your general health . a good night sleep makes your body and mind fresh and alert .you cant do your job or your housework without sleeping well the night before.

You always try to sleep at night but you hardly can. you often awake at the late night and can’t get back to sleep. you begin to think that’s not normal and you might have stress that prevent you from good sleep at are some advises to have you night sleep

good sleep
good sleep

nicce tips to have healthy good sleep at night

Turn off all the lights one or two hours before going to the bed, also avoid the computer screens, LCD ,led clocks even your phone . lights alert your mind and disturb your biological clock . that makes your brain asking whether it’s the day time or the bed time. You can wear the eye mask . turning all the lights off helps you to get better sleep

Make sure that your pillow is comfortable. don’t use the thin one or the stacked one, you don’t want your head to tilt back or to propped to an angle , both position makes you uncomfortable. put a small comfartable pillow between legs if you sleep at your side and one under your legs if you sleep at your back that will make the two positions more comfortable

Taking a worm shower at night before sleeping makes your body relaxed and ready for a good sleep as well

good sleep
good sleep

When you are going to sleep or you awake at the middle of the night, try to change your sleeping position that will enhance the quality of your sleeping . sleep at a mid line which the head and the neck is straight . also avoid the sleeping on your stomach that will cause headache and pain

nice tips to have healthy good sleep at night

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