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bad breath
bad breath

simple tips to control bad breath

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simple tips to control bad breath, Everyone suffers from the bad breath especially at the morning. bad breath forming from the decrease of the saliva during  your sleep. So the bacteria have the chance to grow inside the mouth and make you smells.  to prevent or at least to reduce that bad breath problem you have to follow a daily routine, and that routine will be in these steps

bad breath
bad breath

simple tips to control bad breath

You should brush your teeth at least twice daily and for that bad breath you will be recommended to increase the times you brush your teeth. You have to brush at the morning, before going to the bed and after every meal. use fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush.try the electric brush it provide you more efficiency to remove the plaque and bacteria and also it adjusted to a timer for the recommended two minutes


As you took care of your teeth you have to do the same for your tongue. While brushing the tongue you are removing the bacteria that cause the odor and causes the bad breath . so you have to brush the tongue after brushing your teeth with your toothbrush or with the “tongue scrubber” a tool to scrub  a tongue that you can find at the stores. Don’t forget to floss at least once daily to remove the food stuck between your teeth which cause the bad breath


Try the mouthwashes .mouthwashes reach areas that the tooth brush can’t reach such as inside your cheek .although the mouthwashes help you get rid of the bad breath ,  it’s only masks the odor and don’t cure the problem . try the non-alcoholic ones because you don’t want your mouth to be dry which is a good environment for the bacteria to grow. Gargle with your mouthwashes for 30-60 seconds as it’s written at the bottle. Use the antibacterial washes because it kill the bacteria and the germs that grows in your mouth and that also the reason of the bad breath

bad breath
bad breath

Go to your dentist to and ask him for a cure for that problem he can helps you know the underline causes of it such as acid re flux, infection or cavity and give you the suitable medication

simple tips to control bad breath


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