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What is the best food for stomach flu?

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What is the best food for stomach flu?

stomach flu
stomach flu

stomach flu

When the doctor tells you that you are suffering from stomach flu, it means that you are suffering from gastroenteritis. This inflammation caused by bacteria or viruses that exist in the corrupt water, spoiled food, or in the case of a food allergy sensitive to lactose.

What to eat in case when complaining of stomach flu
Stomach flu makes the body susceptible to drought, so there are several steps that must be followed:
If you are complaining from diarrhea, you should drink 200 ml of water after each entry to the bathroom.
In the case of vomiting, should wait 5-10 minutes before drinking anything, and when you need to drink,  take just a sip every 2-3 minutes to avoid renewed vomiting.
In the case of  drought, your doctor will determine the amount of fluid that should be drunk, and perhaps sets you antibiotic to drought.
Soups is an excellent choice for rehydration, it’s preferred light soups that are fat-free as vegetables soup.

Fluid that should be avoided during the stomach flu
 Not drink sugar-sweetened liquids because they lead to diarrhea.
In case you need to treat drought, Get recommendation of the doctor only.
Avoid drinking alcohol and drinks that are containing caffeine.
Avoid soups containing dairy materials or high-fat items.
Avoid soups containing spices, herbs, or any substance that causes irritation.

stomach flu best food

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea

Foods that should be eaten for stomach flu
In the 24 hours post-treatment of colds intestinal, it should rely on liquids primarily, and then gradually begin to enter the food for meals.
Fruits and vegetables are the best options to feed for intestinal colds.
Try eating vegetables and fruits that contain antioxidants to stimulate the body to expel the bacteria and viruses.
When control of diarrhea, can a person eat soft Fruits & Vegetables like eating bananas and potatoes.
Sauteed vegetables, juices and natural good are good to feed the patient.
After full recovery from influenza intestinal,  person starts eating grain products; to provide the body with fiber it needs. It can deal with rice and bread at first, then after that whole grains.

Foods that should be avoided when suffering from stomach flu
Fatty foods.
Spicy foods, and many spices.
Acidic and many fiber foods.
Meat and dairy products.
Harsh vegetables.

stomach flu best drinks

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