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10 steps to protect children from diabetes

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10 Steps to protect children from diabetes

Here are some simple tips to help parents protect their children from diabetes through healthy eating habits and physical activity.

1 – Encourage your child to the importance of not miss meals, especially breakfast. It can contribute otherwise in raising blood sugar levels and the body’s fat stores to protect it from low energy levels.
2 – Encourage him to eat several meals at specific times during the day (every 2-3 hours maximum), including help regulate blood sugar levels.
3 – Avoid simple sugars as much as possible (sweets, biscuits, chewing gum, confectionery, soft drinks, etc.). It can be taken once a week only a maximum. As can be replaced by flavored desserts such as puddings and other fresh fruit, milk, yogurt or plain yogurt that contains fresh fruits.



4 – encourage your child to eat healthy snacks and nutritious, like the carrots and cucumbers with cheese, and fresh fruit.
5 – Try to be careful to ensure the high-fiber foods in meals (full-wheat bread, pasta full of wheat, rice full of wheat, lentils, quinoa, beans, etc.). Make these foods, such as your first choice, instead of refined white bread and pasta white foods, among others.
6 – Reduce the amount of salt in food, and avoid foods and ready-made soups and frozen meals, olives, pickles, canned material because it is very rich in sodium. Try to  present your child always fresh and natural food.

diabetes in kids

7 – Leave always  some healthy snacks in the kitchen in the hands of the reach of children to be their available option  instead of searching for unhealthy options.
8 – Encourage him to move and activity, to practice his preferences of the sport for at least 30 minutes a day.
9 – it is necessary to not exceed a period of television watching and the use of devices (such as computer and iPad and tablets, etc.) for only two hours a day. Make sure to spend more time with family and exercise activities together, such as shopping, playing and reading.
10 – Let your child know the risk of obesity and associated diseases at a young age, and also in the long term.

diabetes in children

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