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Tips to boost your child immunity in winter

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Tips to boost your child immunity in winter

 Children in the school stage are exposed to the incidence of several diseases and health problems, despite the fact that their mothers are keen on them heavily and do not know the reasons that weaken their immune system and why their bodies can not fight diseases perfectly.

Mothers may resort to making their children taking antibiotics to recover from this quickly , but these drugs weaken of the immune system and its ability.
And so we recommend these steps to make your child with strong immunity to protect it from disease during school.

child immunity
child immunity

child immunity

-Playing sports :

Make sure to encourage your child to exercise because not practicing  sports activities contribute to get several diseases, especially if the child is exposed to obesity and increased body weight and there bite mothers rely on that physical activity is present in the school and this of course is not enough , the child does not exercise and sports are necessary in order to build muscle and bone and contribute to strengthening the body and so it is best recommended sports are swimming and riding a bike.

– Good sleep:

 You should try to make your baby sleep well and long enough for that during sleep the body renew its resources and build tissues and also allows it to grow as it is during the period of sleep immune cells multiply and replace its dead cells.

child immunity tips

– Eating healthy food:

 Make sure to make your child eats healthy foods and his diet should be balanced and has all the benefits and nutritional values ​​needed because this is the basis of the immune system health and of the most important types of foods that are recommended by the fruits and vegetables such as apples , carrots , sweet potatoes ,  beans , broccoli , kiwi, melons, oranges and strawberries.

 The foods that contain vitamins A and B2 and B6 and C and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium and important fatty acids in strengthening the immune system and from these food are nuts , seeds, legumes and whole grains as it should minimize the intake of sweetened and salt foods and junk food .

– Daily hygiene:

 Take care of your child’s learning proper hygiene habits because this works to strengthen the immune system and prevents him incidence of diseases and health problems, and in order to accustom to that You have to be  model to him and Take care of  your personal hygiene , Your child will learn habits from you and from these habits is washing teeth and wash hands after using the bathroom and before and after eating .

child immunity in winter 

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