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Attractive Interior decoration ideas 2016

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Attractive Interior decoration ideas 2016

Interior decoration ideas
Interior decoration ideas

Interior decoration ideas

There are a lots of common mistakes abound in our interior decoration , what makes us lack elegance on the space, and tainted flaws , which , of course, we don’t like to have.
We are going today on our smart blog “24 for health” to highlight, in what comes, the most common and prominent mistakes  in the “decorations of our house”, based on tips from international designers:

1. Don’t collect all the candles in one place
The global designer “Albert Hadley” prefer the distribution of the candlesticks or candles around the room, away from the assembled in a specific place, in order to achieve a romantic atmosphere in a warm area.

2. Do not use a single source of light
The popular designer “Alan Tanksla” warns of relying on the lighting of a specific type, but calls for a diversification in recent sources, and through the acquisition of different heights bulbs, as lighting units are installed on the ground , and those that mediate the tables, which describes the space as an attractive space.

Interior decoration ideas 2016

3. Do not use the inappropriate Lampshades
According to the global designer “David Kleinberg”,  we should choose simple “Lampshades” to the interior of the house, paying the importance of the recent volumes in the space that replace them, especially those that are located on either side of the sofa, for example.

4. No wrong distribution of furniture
The popular designer “Whitney Stewart” warns of the randomly distribution of furniture pieces in space, and through taking a space of sofas and seats from each other, thereby hindering the dialogue between sitting and pushes them to resort to yelling to communicate!

5. Do not exaggerate in the decorative paintings
While the famous interior designer “Mary Douglas Drysdale” see that the decorative paintings can form an attractive addition to the rooms, provided that don’t get to “vulgarity” stage, and therefore deformation space!

We hope you can use these smart and simple tips of the interior decoration of your house of the global designers of home decoration to get the perfect decor that you aim to.

Attractive Interior decoration ideas

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