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5 Smart body language tricks to be loved

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5 Smart body language tricks to be loved

body language tricks
body language tricks

body language tricks

May not realizing it, but you can draw any attention and captured without even utter the word. How? By relying on the body language that have a significant impact on your relationship with others that play a fateful role in leaving a good or bad impression .
 In fact, there are several steps that you can follow in order to impress anyone, whether at work or even in your next date, it does not require you only some of the focus.

Sincere smile: do not receive the other party with a broad smile from a far like you are making a great effort to win him / her admiration, but wait a few seconds until he / she becomes close to you, and look directly into his eyes in a friendly smile without artificiality.

Eye contact: For as long as this is an effective way to attract the listener, but also show your interest and your respect for what he’s saying. Whether you’re in a business meeting or a date, beware of cracking this link in order to increase the consistency and compatibility.

5 body language tricks

Sitting or standing: Keep your back sitting, but without exaggeration, tighten your stomach muscles slightly and rotate your body toward the person who you talk to until becomes the focus of your attention. This method not only show the extent of your respect for the other  , but also constitute the best proof of your self-confidence.

Maintain calm: the excessive movements show your stress, confusion and hesitation while chatting. Use your hands in an organized way to express your opinion calmly instead of being busy with things  in front of you as papers, pens or anything else.

Handshake: Do not hesitate  to press little on the palm of the hands of the other party when you greet him and do not forget to look at his eyes deeply to show your strong character and your high confidence .

Smart body language tricks

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