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How do you deal with stubborn spouse?

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How do you deal with stubborn spouse?

 stubborn spouse
stubborn spouse

stubborn spouse

The human who has multi characteristics and there are stiff and difficult ones to deal with them may be your husband , he’d be difficult to communicate with him especially since he is not satisfied so easily and does not change his ideas and decisions but there is a certain way you can be adopted with your stubborn spouse,  Here are some ideas:

Don’t reject permanently:

Do not face any his stubbornness by your stubbornness , don’t refuses to all his decisions,  so as not to feel that you are deliberately so will increase the determination and unity of views.

 communication skills:

Make your spouse acquire the communication skills and communication with the social environment that will help him to accept the opinions of others and to understand and mitigate the stubbornness and you can do this by strengthening  your relations with invited friends over to dinner at home, for example.

stubborn spouse dealing

 Not for the urgency:

The stubborn  husband is upset of urgency so that when you want to ask him something or ask a question , you must not insist on an immediate answer,  because it will increase his stubbornness.

 Not to blame:

Your husband may have made a mistake in  making some decisions, and did not take your advice in mind , and will discover that later after the implementation of his decision, and here Avoid blame him because he will find it provocative.

 Does stubbornness is cruelty?

May you think that the stubborn spouse is hard foul and unromantic, and  no place for love in his heart, but this misconception , may be stubborn and irascible partner but carries in his heart, a lot of kindness and compassion is not taken from a judgment concluded it does not remedy but being fully aware of how to deal with him .

 When you start the conversation?

If he refuse or deny your order,  Do not try to convince him through immediate conversation but wait time for discussion and display your idea of ​​a quiet manner without the use of offensive words in order not to fail to convince him.

your stubborn spouse

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