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Trouble in paradise

9 tips to save marriage during the difficult moments

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9 Tips to save marriage during the difficult moments

save marriage
save marriage

save marriage

Marriages are exposed to tough times at some point, but there are ways to overcome these stages, and maintaining happy marriages. The key point before we start these tips, that love that brought you together as a couple in the beginning , is what will help you out of any difficulties or pitfalls.

Tips to save marriage:
Tell your partner about your desires
This advice is reserved for women, unfortunately a lot of men can not read between the lines, which must tell him  directly about your needs so that it can be met, but to wait until he know your needs by himself,  will bring you only the frustration that may increase the problems between both of you.
Mark down your desires in your marriage
Would you like to richer emotional life than your husband? Do you want to spend the longer times with him? Mark down these desires and put them in front of you to remember your goal, don’t forget during your busy concerns.

save marriage tips

Remember, the most beautiful memories
The first day that both of you met each other? Or did you know that today he is the right person for you? The happiest day of your relationship? All these happy memories are will remind you by full advantage of your husband, and make it your goal is easy to preserve your marriage .
Add some adventure to your life
You can choose new activities to do both of you together, or watching a terrifying movies, anything that increases the adrenaline in the blood and heart rate.
Focus on the positives for some time
For some time , wear your pink glasses , and Focus on the positives rather than negatives and mistakes, and stop criticizing your spouse.

Apply some common rules
Write down some rules that relieve all of you and your spouse, and agree with him to abide by them,  specially during difficult times.
Practice on forgiveness
Forgive yourself or your spouse on the mistakes that both of have committed,  as forgiveness reduces excess of depression and anxiety, and the pent-up anger, and instead of complaining about your marriage , you will feel hope and optimism towards the future of your relationship with your husband.

save marriage steps

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