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Important steps to increase your energy before the wedding

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 Important steps to increase your energy before the wedding

increase your energy
increase your energy

increase your energy

If the planning for the wedding began to make you feel tired, and increased  your speed, because you’ll need all your energy for those moments leading up to the wedding; and will run from here and there in an attempt to resolve outstanding matters, not to mention dealing with the family drama inevitable changes in the last minute to plan sitting guests. In order to keep up your energy Here are four quick and natural tricks.

1.Breath by 1.4.2
No doubt you’ve heard about meditation or yoga to increase your activity and energy. Well, it comes to breathing. By learning to breathe better, you can increase your energy levels dramatically. In the week before the wedding, and in the morning and evening, try breathing by 1.4.2 (inhaled for one second, and Catch your breath for 4 seconds, and exhale for two seconds); this will not only help ease the tension before the wedding, but also increases energy and improves your spirits .

2.Drink a plenty of water
Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, when your body is in the case of drought, you will feel lazy and you’re more likely to have a headache. Do not eat sugary drinks and refined carbohydrates, these foods make blood sugar levels rise rapidly and then collapse, which makes you feel tired and fatigue.

increase your energy steps

3. Increase the Heart exercises 
Do you know that the word Aerobic literally means “with oxygen”? While the delivery of larger quantities of oxygen to the blood, organs, the brain and the body, the high levels of energy you have. Work aerobics out daily for 45 minutes or an hour, and you will feel stunned by the amount of energy that you will have.

4. Remember to get plenty of rest
You have to find a balance between exercise and rest. Many brides are engaged in intense exercises in order to improve their fitness before the wedding, which may actually hurt the adrenal gland in the long term and ultimately leads to lethargy and fatigue. Try low-intensity exercise with plenty of rest, and get 8 hours of sleep at night.

increase your energy tips

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