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10 Benefits for walking in pregnancy and childbirth

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10 Benefits for walking in pregnancy and childbirth

walking in pregnancy
walking in pregnancy

walking in pregnancy

We now hear about recipes and tales that are popular in its entirety inaccurate. To find out the correct; we must consult a doctor and take his advice.

Climbing stairs in the ninth month opens the uterus 
It makes the fetus in the status of entry of the uterus , as obstetrics and gynecology physician said; “it helps to open it, but we have to be clime up and down very slowly, and by the ninth month; because the risk to the fetus, the  birth may happen before that”.


1. Walking strengthens the heart muscle, and maintains the consistency of the muscle.
2. It helps to make childbirth easier and shorter in duration.
3. Besides its benefits to help burn calories.
4. Walking protect the pregnant woman from having gestational diabetes, or high blood pressure, which may lead to poisoned the pregnant woman.
5. Walking also facilitate the exercise of any sporting activity after birth.
6. it reduce the cases of constipation.
7. And walking rid your child of any excess weight over the normal limit for him.
8. Walking is full of the renovation, which takes a woman away from the house for a period and away from her multiple responsibilities.
9. Walking also has a great benefits as it protect the pregnant woman against infection from depression after pregnancy.
10. it also supports the body’s energy.

walking in pregnancy period

Important Warnings

1. The aim of the exercise is to retain the softness of your muscles, not make high levels of fitness.
2. You should not walk in hot weather.
3. pregnant woman should stop if she felt dizzy or fatigue or even thirst.
4. they should practice these exercise gradually and not to put pressure on herself; even get used to the exercise of walking during this pregnancy .

walking in pregnancy tips

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