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Breastfeeding saves the mothers of the most serious diseases of this age

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Breastfeeding saves the mothers of the most serious diseases of this age

US study revealed newly issued, conducted by researchers in Auckland, the US state of California, that mothers who breastfeed their children, retreating to have type  II diabetes risk. The study included 1035 women data analysis, after two years of exposure to gestational diabetes, the researchers noted injuring about 12 percent of diabetes Type II, later. Said Dr. Erica Gunderson, who led the study: “who suffer from obesity, contracted gestational diabetes, are most need to focus on breastfeeding to prevent the risk of Type II diabetes.”



Follow-up revealed that the women who enrolled in breastfeeding, have succeeded in reducing their chances of contracting diabetes type II, ranged between 17 to 12%, and the glucose levels declined during lactation, and decreased demand for insulin. The researchers explained that breastfeeding for about two months, associated with a reduction of about 50% of the risk of developing diabetes type II, between mothers who have already been exposed to gestational diabetes in the past, and that the longer the period of breastfeeding, the more protection rates of diabetes increased.

Breastfeeding  benefits

Breastfeeding mothers also help the moms as it’s  working to protect them from exposure to breast cancer and who become very widespread during the recent period, so it is advisable breastfeeding and stay away from the industrial milk only in extreme necessity, as well as Breastfeeding helps to get rid of depression, especially that catch many of them after pregnancy , as it’s working to strengthen the relationship and the link between the mother and the child, giving each internal peace and comfort.Many studies have revealed also that breastfeeding mothers are less susceptible to obesity compared to other women, the opposite of what of many people think , because breastfeeding helps to burn fat and get rid of excess calories ,but means that the nursing mother keeps also on its food and away for unhealthy foods.

Breastfeeding prevent disease

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